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NUSIC October Spread The Love Competition

A Little competition from our friends over at Nusic...

SPREADING THE LOVE has been our theme for twenty twelve, and we’ll be living that philosophy throughout our October activities.

We said in our earlier Editorial how important it is for us all to get behind DOG IS DEAD, JAKE BUGG and NATALIE DUNCAN. How it is in everyone’s interests for those artists to succeed. Our OCTOBER SPREAD THE LOVE competitions hope to spread the word of these three artists and the scene more generally, rewarding you with some ace stuff for being a nice person and spreading the love.

THE PRIZES – A pair of tickets to see DOG IS DEAD (Oct 8th – yes the sold out Boat Club Show!), NATALIE DUNCAN (Dec 5th at Nottingham Arts Theatre) AND JAKE BUGG (Feb 15th 2013 at Rock City which has already sold out!), this is winner takes all! We did try and get a pair of Rescue Rooms tickets but they’re harder to get hold of than a moment of humility from Sir Alex.


- Take a photo of yourself (and friends, family, pets ) with one of the below:

+ Our October Banners*

+ Any advert/ banner/ billboard for DOG IS DEAD, JAKE BUGG or NATALIE DUNCAN.

+ Proof of pre-order for DOG IS DEAD or JAKE BUGG.

+ NATALIE DUNCAN’s album ‘Devil In Me’.

- Post that photo online.

- Tag us so we can see it (either on facebook where our page is called ‘ – 100% New, Notts Music‘ or twitter where our tag is @FeelTheNusic)

- All names will be put in a hat and a winner picked at random.

WINNER WILL BE – Notified Monday (8th) 5pm in time for the DOG IS DEAD gig. We will DM you via the social media platform you posted your photo on.

EXTRA PRIZE – The most entertaining/ fun pic will receive an extra ticket for the sold out DOG IS DEAD gig.

*The banners and car park posters around town proclaiming how amazing Nottingham’s music scene is, like THESE.


- No limit on how many times you enter but each photo must be different.

- We’ll operate this just like a professional broadcaster would so no members of the Nusic team or their family can win, they’re obviously welcome to Spread The Love!

- Please remember the spirit here, we’r trying to help our musicians, if we’ve missed something we apologise in advance!