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The Feeling gig review!

The Feeling graced Rock City's Main Stage last night to some very eagerly awaiting fans, from the off, the eclectic mix of people were singing along and dancing together and it just goes to show how successful these guys are and how having universal appeal can work in your favour.

Before bursting onto the stage a video was projected that displayed a heartfelt thanks towards all their fans and then went on to show clips of home made video's of fans singing along to their favourite songs.

The entire band looked like they enjoyed the gig with big smiles on their faces while they were playing, especially frontman Dan gillespie Sells (see photos!) When the music stopped Dan got involved with some crowd participation, inciting acapella sing-a-longs with the crowd and claps.

It was a great pop show filled with good positive energy and a great atmosphere.

Photography by Shaun Wootton