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Check out these Basement shows!

So we've had some fantastic bands play the Basement over the past couple of weeks, all kinds of genres across the alternative spectrum, from punk to tech to metalcore.

These up and coming rockers are awesome to see in such intimacy with all their vigor, anger, enthusiasm, emotion etc etc etc...

some of them sure as hell put on a great show.

If you weren't there for atleast one of them then make sure you are around for upcoming basement shows such as...

Shadows Chasing Ghosts // Sound Of Guns // A Day Overdue // Hit The Deck Reunion // The Defiled

all of whom are playing throughout this October and are just as likely to entertain the absolute pants off you all.

So for now here a few photos taken by our own staff to show you what you've been missing!

Rise To Remain - Images by David Baird


Bleed From Within - Images by David Baird