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Bombay Bicycle Club smashed it! Review.

Bombay Bicycle Club this Monday certainly had those rafters packed inside of rock City. With an ambience of excitement the fans waited. Then they played. They were not disappointed.

Bombay were on absolute top form, the  emotional scope of their music is tremendous, truly impressive. Switching from melancholy to joyous is not something they can only achieve in the studio, which in my opinion sets them apart from most bands today. From their harmonies to their meticulously well crafted guitars everything was absolutely spot on this evening. I do not believe that this is uncommon, i think through time and practice plus absolute love of the music makes this sort of exceptional gig a nightly occurrence with these boys.

The fans loved every minute of it, with album songs being just as well received as their singles, they aren't that sort of band and they aren't those sort of fans.

Great gig, great band, listen out for them in the future, go see them in the future, you won't be disappointed.

The Following photos are taken by our resident photographer David Baird, to buy prints of this gig or any of his photos, please visit his website Here


Bombay Bicycle Club - Rock City - Images by David Baird