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Adam Ant triumphant return! Gig review


Adam Ant - Images by David Baird

Adam Ant made a triumphant return to Rock City last night, on his first UK tour in 15 years. An eager crowd waited, a buzz of excitement filled the air as fans of his early punk days and fans of his pop stardom waited side by side. He came onstage adorned in his gold detailed military jacket and feathered pirate hat; he'd gone full dandy and he most certainly did stand and deliver an amazing show.

Those of us in the crowd are instantly reminded that this star was the inspiration for costume designers for Johnny Depp on set for the Pirate's of The Caribbean movies; even some of the fans had adorned his signature white stripe in tribute.

The backing band - The good, The Mad & The Lovely Posse consisted of two drummers and beautifully voiced backing vocalist Georgie Baillie, whom had just wowed the crowd during her bands support slot (Georgie Girl & Her Poussez Posse). I remember hearing her soundcheck earlier in the day and being incredibly reminded of Patti Smith. Those of us with a good memory will remember this burlesque performer's Grandad being prank called by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross.

Adam Ant played nearly thirty songs throughout his set and included most of his big hits as well as playing early singles, b-sides & a host of album tracks - which pleased the entire diverse crowd. He initially set the tone for the show by opening with a lesser-known track which, I admit was unbeknown to me. However I am informed it was featured on the soundtrack to the punk movie Jubilee in 1978.

He played one new song to tremendous applause and even ripped open his shirt half way through the set, despite being 57 Adam Ant is most certainly still Prince Charming, owning the stage with unrivaled charisma, he is back and isn't going anywhere any time soon.