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All Time Low Gig and Pictures!

ALL TIME LOW. 24-1-12. Second Sell Out Show of 2012 already!

With loyal fans queuing and waiting outside Rock City from just before midday this show was always going to be amazing.

This loyal act by the fans of waiting seven hours in the cold is seemingly lost on most people, and perhaps a few of them waiting in the bitter January cold started to doubt why they did it themselves. But when All time Low started to play I'm sure their faith was renewed and they were reassured. Once they get on stage, this bands non-stop energy when playing every song is reason enough by itself. But when you couple it with their completely genuine interaction with the crowd, tongue-in-cheek banter between themselves, you can just tell they are having fun. Which in turn makes every one else have fun.

Their music sounds less processed when played live and seems to feed off of their frenetic stage antics as well as the screaming fans but it does this without losing any of it's quality. All this makes this power pop punk band a must see live band for everybody.

Photography by David Baird

All Time Low - 2012 - Images by David Baird