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BRAND NEW - gig review

Brand New after a long long wait finally returned to Nottingham and Rock City on Monday 6th February 2012.

Lead singer Jesse Lacey opens with beautiful acoustic number from De Ja Entendu - 'play crack the sky' and the crowd know they are in for a treat this evening.

Brand New, as lead singer Jesse Lacey rightly stated during the set, have not released any new material since 2009. So the tour, was in fact for the fans and for Brand New's love of playing and for the love of the music. Jesse didn't interrupt the show much to talk but not in a rude way, they just played a blinding set of songs off of all their albums.

Around half way through the set, Jesse says 'how about we play some old ones?' then they go on to play 'Sic Transit gloria' 'Okay I believe you but my tommy gun don't' 'The quiet things that no one ever knows' 'me vs maradona vs elvis' 'jude law and a semester abroad' '70x7' all of which get the best reactions from the crowd, especially the last two from debut album your favourite weapon.

Some slower numbers from the devil and god are raging inside me get great reception, especially 'Jesus Christ' when that great riff kicked in through all the controlled distortion and feedback.

The music fed the crowd for the entire set, Brand new on stage stuck together and seemed to be having a good time, for a gig that got added to the tour late, the turn out was amazing, packed to the rafters full of hardcore Brand New fans that love and know every word to every song from every album. Not many bands can say they have as loyal a following on both sides of the Atlantic as Brand New do.

Pictures below by david Baird.

Brand New - Images by David Baird