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SBTRKT gig review & pictures


Due to high demand SBTRKT got upgraded from Rescue Rooms to Rock City's main hall and the show still sold out! This eagerness and increase in popularity is perhaps a form of irony lost on Aaron Jerome, who began the SBTRKT moniker to remove himself personally from the situation to let the music do the talking, so far removed he wanted himself he began wearing masks onstage, which became instatnly iconic as part of his rise to stardom.

The crowd were raucous throughout as the DJ and fellow SBTRKT collaborator Sampha delivered an astounding set, they were not phased by the crowd due to bellowing of their own lyrics that could be heard, the energy passing between SBTRKT and the crowd fed the atmosphere in the room all night.

The seemingly impromptu encore saw support act Disclosure bought on stage for a free for all remix of one of their own songs.

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Photography below by David Baird.

SBTRKT - Images by David Baird