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Panic! At The Disco

As one of the bands which sparked my love for music out of the mainstream, seeing Panic! At The Disco was never going to be disappointing. With the very high expectations and the images built up in my mind, I was adamant not toĀ let my thirst for an incredible gig be left unquenched.

Walking into the venue I was overtaken by an incredible warmth. I mean of course the room was pretty hot, but the warmth was nostalgia and excitement bubbling up in my heart. I was nearly shaking with the anticipation of seeingĀ I Write Sins,Ā Not TragediesĀ live, and couldnā€™t contain it. Seeing Rock City filled to the brim with striped arm warmers and fringes that defied the rules of gravity and stayed perfectly pushed to the side, was wonderful. If I was going to see a band that Iā€™ve beenĀ following for close to 9 years, I wanted it to be perfect.

Of course every time a song fromĀ Ā A Fever You Canā€™t Sweat Out, Pretty OddĀ orĀ Vices and VirtuesĀ was performed I, along with everyone in the venue, threw my arm up and very aggressively pointed towards the stage and belted out the lyrics. TheĀ energy was incredible and all the songs were beautifully familiar. Thereā€™s also that comforting unity in going to a pop punk gig, where you know that if you stumble the person next to you is going to help you and then proceed to sing the next fewĀ lines enthusiastically into your face.

Though it wasnā€™t only the old stuff that got the crowd pumped up. Three songs fromĀ A Fever You Canā€™t Sweat OutĀ and two songs fromĀ Too Weird To Live, Too Rare to Die!Ā Later It occurred to me that the enthusiasm with which I was singing alongĀ to every song were matched in both energy and accuracy. The new album felt as familiar as the bands old songs, without losing its distinct sound and new vibe. Even if I hadnā€™t spent weeks looking forward to the gig, had a ticket in my backĀ pocket and had Brendon Urieā€™s glistening face staring down at the audience, I wouldā€™ve known who it was because it was so distinctly P!ATD. There was the reassuring presence of emo punk, the bright warmth of pop music, the electronic gravelĀ bound with catchy lyrics and the deep foundations of a new sound for the band. With each slice of the band's history, the gig felt more and more perfect.

So comfortable in my bubble of 2005 P!ATD I was quite oblivious to those around me and quite happily swaying to the constant stream of music and feeling borderline euphoric as the bass pumped through the heart of the venue. When it wasnā€™tĀ the bands own materials, it was a gloriously soulful snippet of Brendon covering something else. And something which iā€™m now certain of, is that the boys can certainly put together a fantastic arrangement for an ACDC cover.

Undeniably, they got this teen heart beating faster (obligatory P!ATD reference), I felt entitled to the gig and all the trimmings. Next time Iā€™d like crown surfing, a longer setlist and maybe a queue pass, but until then I think my. 13 year old self willĀ be able to sit contentedly in her awfully neon converse and the beautiful bring arm warmers knowing that her first Panic! At The Disco gig, would be a one to remember.

By Krish Jeyakumar

The MicĀ Magazine