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Hey Hey Hey's First blog!

So here we are on Rock City's Brand New Website doing our first blog. We have been doing a lot lately at hey hey hey and we thought we would give you a quick catch up!

So lately we have had 3 festival competition nights, two being Sonisphere give aways and one being a Bloodstock giveaway!

All you had to do was turn up on the Saturday the competition was on and that's it, you were in with a chance of winning!.

Loads of people decided they wanted in on this giveaway action, so we thought we would do something different and for the first one we decided flying a helicopter around the main hall was a good plan! Ok, so it might have been a toy helicopter, but impressive all the same. It ended up with a sea of hungry festival heads running around the dance floor listening to bloc party's helicopter, trying to catch the winning helicopter (amazingly flown by yours truly!) granting its catcher 2 tickets to sonisphere while amusing the onlookers. We are good to all you Hey Hey Hey'ers

We have more of these fantastic give aways coming up so keep your eyes peeled and checkout the facebook page.

Other big news- we are now booking bands in the basement as part of the night and are on the lookout for more bands.

Also, we are currently in negotiations with the guys from Non-Stop skate shop and Ghost House Collective about tearing up the basement with you guys, and supplying you all with some delicious little freebies. Aren't you lucky!

I guess that's it for now but keep creeping on us and we will keep you updated on everything hey hey hey!

Much love team hey x3!