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All our clubnights have got a hulleva lot of awesome stuff lined up over the next couple of months for you lucky, lucky boys and girls.

First up TUNED - the ever-growing infamous Rock City A-Level results party is just around the corner. Whether you're drinking to celebrate or drowning your sorrows or just happen to be out looking for a good time - this is the night for you. It will rain balloons filled with vouchers for free jagerbombs and one lucky son of a gun will win a £500 tech bundle. Not bad eh? Plus loads of other prizes will be up for grabs on the night. Make sure you get here early to avoid the queues as a level results is always absolutely mental. Thursday 16th August.

Check out the facebook event - Here

HEY HEY HEY, our alternative Saturday nights (if the free guestlist, cheap drinks and awesome music isnt already enough) has got an ambitious end to the summer currently being planned; so make sure you keep your eyes fully peeled and watch this space. Trust me when I say it is going to be EXTREME.

Get your names down on this weeks guestlist and don't miss out on the usual excitement - Here

So last Week at Loveshack Presents... FLOORFILLERS we had the mind blowing, colour splatting UV paint party. This was hugely successful and everyone involved loved every second of it. Dont believe me? check out the pictures below...