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Hello ,Wasup , Wagwan , Bonjour. So it has been another pretty hectic week for team Hey Hey Hey.

All sorts of things have been happening following on from last Saturday which was absolutely stomping! We had ‘The Legion of Doom’ and ‘OBN’ playing in the basement as part of Hey Hey Hey. The night turned out to be a barrel of laughs with the boys (Rob and Judas, main hall DJ’s and members of the 2 bands respectively) then having to DJ after their big performances in the basement.

This week we have been working on some exciting new promo treats for all you lucky people, giving you a sneaky inside peak into the world of team Hey Hey Hey. Soon we’re going to be uploading photos of all your favourite bands back stage here at Rock City and we’re going to start videoing all of you sexy Hey Hey Hey’ers every now and again. Get involved on our like page and follow our <a href="/http//">tumblr</a href> if you want to delve into the world of the infamous Hey Hey Hey.

Bye, Laters, Au Revoir, Peace Out A Town Down. Love Hey Hey Hey.