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Fun Times in Brazil, and J5 to Thrill

So, the World Cup kicked off with a bang last night with a Brazilian victory and a show stealing performance from that kid Neymar. Though we weren't overly sure exactly why they felt the need to have broccoli dancing around the pitch during the opening ceremony...

World Cup fever is truly hitting us now at Rock City Towers, partially because of a sweepstake that could get a bit messy should Iran somehow manage to defy all odds and make it through the group stages!

Don't forget, you can catch England vs Uruguay live and on the biggest screen, at the biggest venue in town on the 19th of June! Pitchers are just ten quid and you can guarantee an awesome atmosphere at Rock City as per!

Not only are we pant-wettingly excited about the World Cup, we are also as excited as a dog with two willies about the one and only Jurassic 5 coming to town! They took 6 years off, believe it or not, and people were questioning whether or not they would ever tour again as J5. But touring they are, and with Rock City the pinnacle of it, you'd be absolutely insane to miss out. Get yourself on over to our lovely friends at Alt-Tickets to get your tickets, or head on down to our box office.

I'll leave you with this, to get you not only in the World Cup mood, but also the J5 spirit!