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The mighty ANTHRAX kick off their tour tonight, and will be HERE on Monday!!

They'll be playing their classic 1987 album 'Among The Living' in full during the first half of their set to mark its 30th anniversary. Now they’re giving you the chance to choose the material for the second half of the shows!!l

Check out the ‘by request’ section on their website with a list of 44 tracks. Choose your 10 favourites, and the songs that receive the most votes will be part of the live set.


Anthrax are going to be keeping an eye on the votes, so sets on each night of the tour could change!! The list includes the tracks Armed And Dangerous, Madhouse, Gung-Ho, Schism, Antisocial, Belly Of The Beast and Evil Twin.

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian recently told Metal Hammer that the current political climate would result in “a lot of great heavy music” over the next four years. He continued: “Political unrest is great for art. The Big Four came out of the Reagan era in the States. The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal came out of the Thatcher era, if I’m not mistaken. So with Trump and the political climate in the world right now, it should definitely be great for heavy music. “There are tons of creative bands and the scene is strong and healthy. Will there ever be another Iron Maiden or Metallica? Maybe not in our lifetimes – but I remember people having the same conversation 10 years ago, and then over those 10 years a bunch of cool new bands have come out. I think we’ll all be fine.”