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Ladies and gentleman welcome to the new and improved Rock City website.

We've decided to freshen up the look of our site and not just that, we also have some cool new features, one being weekly blogs with updates on what’s install for all you lucky Rock City fans out there! Look out for information on all upcoming shows, band information, links to some of their outstanding videos and what you will expect for the week ahead!

So here we go for our first ever blog update!

Shows we have coming up this week are Taking Back Sunday, Versaemerge, Luv and MC Lars

Taking Back Sunday – support from The Xcerts
(Rescheduled date) Thursday 19th May

The Xcerts are a three piece "distorted pop" band originally formed in Aberdeen, Scotland and have blessed the stages of Rock City a few times now, and every time they bring an energetic performance. Their recent album ‘Scatterbrain’ was released in October 2010 and you can check out the single 'Scatterbrain' right here...


So it’s been quite some time since TBS have hit the stage of main hall back in 2006 when they headlined the Taste of Chaos tour.  They’ve been though a rollercoaster ride since they formed 10 years ago and have  had a few lineup changes since first recording 'Tell All Your Friends'. They will release the latest album ‘Taking Back Sunday’ this summer and you can their debut track off that record ‘El Paso' right here.

Versaemerge – support from Violet
Friday 20th May

Violet are a promising young band hailing from Derby. With 7 members and a style which can be fitted into a number of different genres the band are hitting us with something a little different to most other bands on the underground scene. Check out their mysapce.

It'll be the first time headline show for Versaemerge when they come to Nottingham’s Rock City. The female fronted alternative rock band from Port St. Lucie Forida have released 3 ep’s as well as one full length ‘Fixed At Zero’ which was released last year. Check out some of their tracks on their myspace. Also Vocalist Sierra Kusterbeck features on A Day To Remembers album track ‘If It Means A Lot To You’ off ‘Homesick’ Check out their latest video...

Saturday 20th May

MC Lars – supports from Akira the Don, MC Chris and Weerd Science,
Sunday 22nd May

Akira The Don is an independent British musician who's music and production traverses the boundaries between Pop, Hip-Hop, Indie and Dance. He lists influences including Ice Cube, Billy Bragg, Morrissey and the Wu Tang Clan. His debut album is 'When We Were Young'. Check out his website.

Chris Ward, otherwise known as MC Chris, is a voice actor, rapper and improvisational comedian. We could tell you more about this guy but we would be here day, one thing though is that he maybe 35 but he sounds like a 10 year old. We will let his website explain the rest.

So let’s move on to Weerd Science. You may recognise rapper Joshua Eppard as he once was in a band called Coheed and Cambria, now he’s focusing on his solo project ‘Weerd Science’. He will be releasing is second full length in the few months. Check out this to see what you have to look forward to...

Quick info on why you should know MC Lars! Andrew Robert Nielsen is an American rapper, known by his stage name MC Lars. He is the self-proclaimed originator of "post-punk laptop rap". He was one of the first underground rappers to sample and reference post-punk and emo bands.

So that’s what you have a waiting for you this week for shows, don’t got get to check out the 3 club nights we have every week.

Until time