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With the sun finally deciding to show its face, we know many of you will be thinking the same as us: OH FUCK WHY IS IT SO HOT HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KEEP MY GOTH CHIC GOING WHEN ITS 25 DEGREES OUTSIDE?!

Well, have no fear dears, we have found the solution.

CROCS. Yes, crocs. Remember those super uncool rubber shoes for middle aged men doing the gardening? Think again.


They first hit the interweb on @garbage_b0y's instagram, who sold them as custom pieces for about $200! DAMN.

Now, they've made their way to shelves with New York's Barneys creating the XO Croc collection, with an 80s punk vibe. There's a whole bunch - from black as your soul (obviously the best ones) as well as cute pink ones, and some sort of denim-y looking ones... Check 'em out here.

We've already added them to our staff uniforms, obvs.