The Rock City archives: 2018

THAT MANCHESTER NIGHT - featuring The Clone Roses, Oas-is, The Smiths Ltd & Clint Boon, Live At Rock City

  • Sunday 1st April 2018



The Stone Roses are without doubt one of the most important bands of British music and their music has influenced and inspired many artists. They recently performed 4 sell out nights at The Etihad Stadium in Manchester to over 240,000 people, and the concerts will no doubt go down in history for fans of the band.

But with the Stone Roses appearing to have once again called it a day, there is only 1 option to hear those songs played with the same passion and energy as the real thing. The Clone Roses are the longest serving and most popular Roses Tribute playing live today. The attention to detail is second to none, with the band acquiring the same clothing, instruments and usually play the same set as The Roses themselves. The band have recently played Isle of Wight Festival, Shiine on Weekender, and “A Tribute to Manchester” headlining to over 2500 at Manchester Academy 1, and to 1700 people at Ulster Hall in Belfast, as well as a UK Tour of the o2 Academy music venues.

Expect to hear all the classics, “Waterfall”, “Made of Stone”, “I am the Resurrection” and more!

If you’ve never seen the real deal or want to re-live the best gig you’ve been to then “The Clones” will deliver the next best thing!

“I can’t believe it’s not butter, the second best Stone Roses in the World!


“Easily the Best Roses Tribute Band in the business”


“The Clones have long been the best”




The Smiths Ltd was formed in February 2009 by Smiths obsessed Alex Gaskell (guitar), Andy Crook (Bass) and Keith Partington (drums).

We realised that we needed a superb front man and started an extensive 4-month search to find the perfect Morrissey. After a piece in the Manchester Evening News and a Channel M and Rock Radio interview, Johnny Turner heard our plea and came to audition. As obsessive as we were about getting the sound right and bearing an uncanny vocal and physical resemblance to Morrissey, Johnny completed The Smiths Ltd line-up in June 2009.

After 5 months of rehearsals we played our first gig in October 2009 to a rapturous audience and we haven’t looked back since.

Being the ONLY Smiths tribute band from and based in Manchester, UK we also have a unique selling point and an authenticity that is hard to beat. The band also uses the same guitars, bass, amps and drum kit live that the Smiths used on their very last tour.

It’s unlikely that the Smiths will ever play live again and certainly not with the passion and energy of that brief period between 1983 and 1987. The Smiths Ltd are the closest you will get to experiencing that live charge of Morrissey, Marr and Co on stage.

The Smiths Ltd – Johnny, Alex, Andy and Keith.



Oas-is - The world's BEST Oasis tribute band - as seen of Channel 4's The Last Leg. Oas-is are Five Oasis fanatics who live and breath Manchester's finest band and are now dedicated to giving you the best look and sound that you should expect from an Oasis tribute band. Oas-is are made up of experienced musicians who have toured all around the world and who take great pride in reproducing the classic Oasis sound with frightening accuracy and all the attitude you would expect from the real thing. No wigs, no fancy gimmicks, just the closest you will get to recreating the sound of Oasis. What's the story? Some might say Oas-is are definitely, NOT Maybe the best tribute out there.




THE SMITHS LTD 7pm-7.40pm

CLINT BOON 7.40-8.05pm

OAS-IS 8.05-9.05pm

CLINT BOON 9.05pm-9.35pm