The Rock City archives: 2018

BRUTUS GOLD'S LOVE TRAIN, Live in Rock City main Hall

  • Sunday 26th August 2018
  • Supported by: TBC

Like missionaries of old and still stuck in a timewarp of music, fashion and aftershave, Brutus Gold together with his Love Train cohorts have just one mission…

To convert the good people of the world back to the ways of Disco!

From city to city, around the world, reinstating Disco to its rightful place… The Dance Floor!

Now entering its show stopping 30th year 'The Love Train’ is an immersive, interactive party of humpin’ pumpkin’ disco action and with it’s unique charm and rapport has the power to make the hardest audience “Don a wig and Do the Hustle!” Throughout the years they have performed at prestigious festivals in Switzerland, Dubai and Italy as well as dazzling the likes of Tina Turner, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson at exclusive private parties. Brutus Gold’s Love Train has earned a reputation as the ultimate disco night: a multi-dimensional bundle of 70’s iconography, tongue in cheek comedy and fun.

Entertaining at all the best clubs,parties,festivals and events since 1989. The Love Train is the worlds longest running interactive 1970s disco show featuring a cavalcade of crazy disco throwbacks with over inflated egos. Featuring Chad Valley, Marshall Cavendish, Disco Dick, Tony Martini,Clarence Hamilton Jnr, Willis Hardy Freeman, Chase Goodman, Camp David Ana Glypta, Kaye Tel, Krystal Crest, Angel De Lyte, Patric Duvet and the incomparable Brutus Gold.