The Rock City archives: 2013

Arcane Roots, Rock City Basement

  • Thursday 2nd May 2013
  • Supported by: Baby Godzilla, JCQ

Arcane Roots are a three piece rock band from Surrey, UK . They have just released a new album, Left Fire, and are currently gigging extensively around the UK and fast gaining a reputation for their explosive live shows.

"They've pulled it off brilliantly..The five main tracks here tie together perfectly to create a sprawling work that's a joy to explore and get lost in. The end result is a beautiful, breathless and brutal mind fuck." [Kerrang]

"There are so many genres blended together on this new album from...Arcane Roots that it's almost impossible to describe their sound...One thing's for sure; the quality rarely dips and the delivery is captivating".[Rocksound]

“Arcane Roots sound so fresh, special, and deliciously unpredictable. Wherever they go next... It’s sure to be a fascinating listen.” [Rocksound] 8/10

“Arcane Roots are all about the musical muscle, blending their own brand of At The Drive-In grit with massive Biffy hooks...The production of their latest tunes is ruddy huge...” [Total Guitar]

“Surrey Trio with an ear for melody and appetite for destruction...They look set for a big 2011” [Kerrang!]

“...Had a damn-near fit explaining exactly how brilliant these dudes were. ...after hearing the bands’ metalled-up At The Drive In-esque and anthemic-yet-weird-time-signatured guitar driven erruptions on record we were well and truly hooked.” [Killing Moon Records]

“Arcane Roots have stumbled onto the perfect combination of pop and rock to create a truly awesome sound...the band have done well to catch their musical power on record, having said this it is live where the band really show their true potential, with a blistering show that leaves you mesmerized and begging for more.” [Alter The Press!]

“...Bulldozing it’s way through... the almost math rock nature past the 3 minute mark, where it all seems to lose control, juddering and flailing everywhere like the ghost of Meet Me In St. Louis.” [Keep It Fast]

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