The Rock City archives: 2012

Opeth, Rock City Main Hall

  • Monday 12th November 2012
  • Supported by: Anathema

Opeth are a swedish Heavy Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden who formed in 1990.Whilst death metal & black metal forged the path for them, especially in tehir early works opeth have consistently incorporated progressive, folk, blues, classical and jazz influences into their music.

Opeth has spent over two decades steadily amassing a body of work that is at once possessed of a fervent and unrelenting devotion to aesthetic progression (and perfection) while simultaneously scaling the summits of power, mysticism and might aspired to by the group's hard rock forefathers in Sabbath, Purple and Zeppelin.

The band's roots in the doom-laden shade of occult-infused Scandinavian death metal and dark romanticism are undeniable and will never elicit apology. But the transcendent emotional and melodic heights achieved on the brilliantly titled tenth full-length Opeth album, Heritage, marks a new chapter in the storied quintet's career. Band leader, singer, guitarist, songwriter and long-running consistent member Mikael Ã…kerfeldt has reshaped the pathway forward for his artistic vehicle without sacrificing the hard won spiritualism of previous endeavors.

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