The Rock City archives: 2012

Whole Lotta Led - A tribute to Led Zeppelin, Rock City Basement

  • Friday 7th September 2012

Four Become Five!

After twelve years with the same line up (and having just beaten the length of time Led Zeppelin were together), Whole Lotta Led have undergone a change in line-up.

Joining the band on drums is Chris Scrivens, a gifted musician who has long admired John Bonham's drum style and new vocalist, Lee Pryor, who effortlessly reproduces Robert Plants amazing vocals.

Joining the band as of 16th June is David Wykeham-George who, as well as playing keyboards, will also be contributing guitar and backing vocals.

Don't worry though, founder members Nick Ferris (guitar) and Geoff Hunt (bass) are still there, continuing the legacy and ensuring the standard of performance is as high as it can be.

If you haven't seen the band before you'll be well impressed and if you have seen the old band, come and witness the amazing changes, I think you'll agree, Whole Lotta Led just gotta Whole Lot Better.

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