The Rock City archives: 2013

CrashDiet & Jettblack, Rock City Basement

  • Friday 26th April 2013

CrashDiet & Jettblack share center stage on this co-headline show in April.

Facebook -  CrashDiet // Jettblack

In january 2013 CrashDiet will release their follow-up to 2010s Generation Wild album. A leading force in the Swedish "sleaze rock" scene of the 2000s - a revival of the glam metal (or hair metal) of the 1980s, but with a more pronounced punk element, often rawer in sound and raunchier in style.

JETTBLACK have taken their influences that lie in eighties and early 90’s rock and metal and given them a fresh lease of life. Carefully crafted songs oozing with melody, power and unparalleled catchiness.