The Rock City archives: 2015

Stoneghost, Rock City Basement (As Part Of Hey Hey Hey)

  • Saturday 23rd May 2015

Great rock and roll ain’t always pretty. It’s often an ugly, ornery, endorphin-soaked howl of blissful catharsis, as intoxicating as it is invigorating and life-affirming.

So it goes in the world of STONEGHOST, a decidedly unpretty riff machine from South London that is preparing to unleash the ten-track monster, New Age of Old Ways. With production guru Russ Russell behind the desk, it’s a hefty slab of modern metal, but conceived and delivered in the spirit of the traditional four-man rock combo, where honesty and authenticity triumph over frivolities and scene-prescribed gimmickry.

Grimace-inducing heaviosity is imbued with a sense of purpose, euphoric groove riffs meet frenzied tempos and New Age of Old Ways, for such an overtly aggressive collection, repeatedly displays an uncommon level of musical awareness.