Mobile Phone Security

All Rock City customers should be aware that in recent years mobile phone theft on entertainment and licensed premises around the country has been on the increase. In order to minimise the chance of this happening to you when in Rock City, please follow this advice:


Keep your phone close by at all times
Never leave it on a table
Use the cloakroom for coats and bags
Avoid putting it in back pockets or side pockets on cargo pants
Keep your handbag closed at all times and never leave it on the floor or under a table
Use “Find My Phone Apps” on Smartphones and tablets (follow links for more info Apple Android WP8)
Register your phone at
Lock the keypad using a PIN number or pattern  code
Tell any member of staff or security if you see anyone acting suspiciously



If you find your phone has gone

Tell any member of staff or security in the venue as soon as you realise
Send an email to see if it’s been handed in at