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New PUSA album to drop in Feb 2014

Big, BIG! News from the guys of Presidents Of The United States Of America. The announcement of their brand new studio album!
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The Rifles

Chingford four-piece The Rifles fired off round after round of indie rock ammunition at Rock City on Saturday night.

With their original lineup reunited and fourth album None the Wiser on the way in early 2014, the band gave it both barrels with Jamesque three-minute bursts of cheap-lager-can-in-the-air singalongs (lead singer Joel Stoker even has the Paul Weller haircut to show off his mod credentials with).

They're far from the first outfit to perfect indie by numbers but they've become something of a cult band since their 2006 debut, despite guitar bands once again seeming to be going the way of the dinosaur.

After an explosive opening, two of the quartet of Rifles take a breather as Stoker and guitarist Lucas Crowther play a trio of acappella numbers before they return to their default setting of loud and fast beery bullets.

The stripped back acoustic interlude is something of a speciality for The Rifles, having released two strictly guitar-only albums, and their party piece breaks up the set nicely before they go out with a bang in a swift two-song encore.

Indie rock bands haven't been outmoded long enough for this to be called some sort of revival but The Rifles are keeping the candle burning and they were certainly on target here.

Nottingham Post

Watsky has gone rather big at Warped Tour

The US musician was performing at Alexandra Palace for the Vans Warped Tour when he jumped 30ft from the rig into the audience.

The crowd reportedly parted in an attempt to avoid impact but Watsky ended up breaking one girl’s arm with another man hospitalised.

Watsky escaped with minor injuries telling fans he was ‘fine’ in a message on Facebook apart from ‘some nicks, bruises, and the shame of endangering the crowd’.

The video is pretty insane!


No one can deny their favourite tweenhood guilty pleasure boy band. And as you’ve probably guessed, yes, mine was Blue. I had the posters, mugs, t-shirts, just about everything a fan girl could want with a picture on. Everything except going to see them live, so I took full advantage of the chance to see them in their first show of the ‘Roulette’ tour 2013 in Nottingham, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

This is Blue’s first album tour since their 2004-2005 Greatest hits tour, and in quoting fellow boy band Take That, on stage, they hope to be “back for good” this time. It seems that their audience don’t want them to go anywhere after being sold out everywhere and the addition of tour dates!

They kicked off their show entering the stage in their naughty noughties ‘bad boy’ outfits, taking us back to 2001 playing such hits as All Rise, You Make Me Wanna and Bubblin before a quick costume change halfway through into their suave suits giving them chance to bring out their smooth side playing Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word and One Love along with debuting their new album singles Broken, Hurt Lovers and Break My Heart. They encored in their cool and casual outfits with Breathe Easy and then ending the show on an upbeat number, leaving the crowd still begging for more!

After such an intimate gig, with their lively fans building the atmosphere and the band giving an extremely energised performance with their coordinated dance moves all the way through, it’s safe to say, they’ve definitely still got it. Fantastic show boys, I certainly hope they are back for good!


by Emma Lisewski


The Mic Magazine

Sub Focus

People passing out, throwing up and in some cases bleeding, and a Sergio Ramos lookalike… just another gig for Nick Douwma; better known as Sub Focus.

Rockwell and Dismantle were given the task of trying to hype up an already over-hyped crowd. Stationed in the top left hand corner of the venue in a small booth, they worked through their sets with a birds-eye view of the increasingly congested dance floor. Although this meant both support acts had a clear view of the building sense of anticipation, it also meant they were slightly segregated from the audience. A potentially negative impact was avoided, however, demonstrating just how eager the crowd was. Those who were in the middle of the dance floor made sure there was a non-stop mosh pit throughout the whole night, from the first support act to the end of Sub Focus‘ set.

Sub Focus eventually took to the stage in front of a full venue. The mixture of older, more well-known songs with newer ones from new 2013 album Torus was received well. The crowd constantly increased in volume and support, and all the while Douwma stood in a colour changing strobing egg.

Although most of the crowd were familiar with his most recent album, the first real cheer came when 2005 song Rock Itstarted. Once it had finished, the crowd were in full flow and ready for the rest of the night.

The new album also had its moments, in particular, Turn It Around featuring Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke and Endorphinswith vocals from Alex Clare. Towards the end of the set, more recent songs were played, eliciting a mixed reaction as only a select number in the crowd knew sufficient lyrics to join in.

However, any doubts about the end of the gig were put to rest when recent hit Tidal Wave featuring Alpines concluded the night. No one thought about leaving as the crowd chanted the words to what could be one of Sub Focus’ biggest and best songs yet.

If there was to be one criticism of the night, it would be that Nick Douwma did not say a word from the moment he walked on to the stage to the moment he left after his highly successful set. This would have been more of an issue if it wasn’t for MC I.D., who made sure the crowd stayed jumping all night long, not that this crowd needed any encouragement.

I must admit I was a bit sceptical making my way to Rock City on the 22nd of October, but any doubts I may have had beforehand were gone once the set started. It proceeded to become a really good night.


By Aaron Brudney

The Mic Magazine