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Your chance to support a headline band in Rock City Main Hall!

Hey Everybody, this is your chance. Your chance to win a support slot to a main room show at our very own Rock City. Amazing. Our friends over at Nusic said this...

Ello Nusic Supporters

A new NUSIC New Music Podcast is online now, it features an incredible opportunity, the chance to support DOG IS DEAD at Rock City in:

The biggest ever headline show by a Nottingham act!!!

You can listen HERE

Please share with any musician friends you think would benefit, this is a life changing opportunity for any musician serious about pursuing their musical dream.

Thank you.

Yours in Love of New Music.

Go listen, this is an amazing opportunity!

Ciao for now!

Bombay Bicycle Club smashed it! Review.

Bombay Bicycle Club this Monday certainly had those rafters packed inside of rock City. With an ambience of excitement the fans waited. Then they played. They were not disappointed.

Bombay were on absolute top form, the  emotional scope of their music is tremendous, truly impressive. Switching from melancholy to joyous is not something they can only achieve in the studio, which in my opinion sets them apart from most bands today. From their harmonies to their meticulously well crafted guitars everything was absolutely spot on this evening. I do not believe that this is uncommon, i think through time and practice plus absolute love of the music makes this sort of exceptional gig a nightly occurrence with these boys.

The fans loved every minute of it, with album songs being just as well received as their singles, they aren't that sort of band and they aren't those sort of fans.

Great gig, great band, listen out for them in the future, go see them in the future, you won't be disappointed.

The Following photos are taken by our resident photographer David Baird, to buy prints of this gig or any of his photos, please visit his website Here


Bombay Bicycle Club - Rock City - Images by David Baird

Kids In Glass Houses gig review

Kids In Glass Houses over the past couple of years have seen the reputation as a well respected alternative band on the gigging circuit blossom them into superstars. Since the start the only way was up, ever getting bigger, better and reaching wider audiences. From supporting fellow Welsh rockers Funeral For A Friend and other big bands like Lost Prophets, their hard work has paid off and now 3 albums later they have accrued a massive following that has landed them packing out big venues, like our very own Rock City Main Hall.

They played a great set, playing mostly tunes from their two newest albums but not leaving out their biggest hit 'Give Me What I Want' from their debut album 'Smart Casual'

Photography by Shaun Wootton

Check out Rock City's resident Photographer David Bairds photo's of Kids In Glass Houses in the below slideshow. To buy prints of the gig or any of his photographs please visit his website Here

Kids in Glass Houses - Images by David Baird

Ed Sheeran review!

Ed Sheeran played Rock City's Main Hall and it was absolutely packed to the rafters on the Monday just gone. His current tour is so sought after that fans who could not get tickets to his sold out shows were naughtily buying tickets from ebay for over £100. Not bad for a lad who is barely 20 years old and only has one album under his belt, eh?

His album went straight to number one in the charts when it was released last month so it comes as no surprise that nearly every song he played, using just himself, a guitar and an fx peddle had fans screaming. His big hitting single A team was an obvious highlight with rapper Mikill Pane joining him, as well as tunes like UNI, Small Bump and Wake Me Up getting big crowd reactions.

Check out house photographer David Bairds photo's below, and to buy prints from this gig or any of his photographs visit his website Here

Ed Sheeran - Images by David Baird

Check out these Basement shows!

So we've had some fantastic bands play the Basement over the past couple of weeks, all kinds of genres across the alternative spectrum, from punk to tech to metalcore.

These up and coming rockers are awesome to see in such intimacy with all their vigor, anger, enthusiasm, emotion etc etc etc...

some of them sure as hell put on a great show.

If you weren't there for atleast one of them then make sure you are around for upcoming basement shows such as...

Shadows Chasing Ghosts // Sound Of Guns // A Day Overdue // Hit The Deck Reunion // The Defiled

all of whom are playing throughout this October and are just as likely to entertain the absolute pants off you all.

So for now here a few photos taken by our own staff to show you what you've been missing!

Rise To Remain - Images by David Baird


Bleed From Within - Images by David Baird