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Check out these Basement shows!

So we've had some fantastic bands play the Basement over the past couple of weeks, all kinds of genres across the alternative spectrum, from punk to tech to metalcore.

These up and coming rockers are awesome to see in such intimacy with all their vigor, anger, enthusiasm, emotion etc etc etc...

some of them sure as hell put on a great show.

If you weren't there for atleast one of them then make sure you are around for upcoming basement shows such as...

Shadows Chasing Ghosts // Sound Of Guns // A Day Overdue // Hit The Deck Reunion // The Defiled

all of whom are playing throughout this October and are just as likely to entertain the absolute pants off you all.

So for now here a few photos taken by our own staff to show you what you've been missing!

Rise To Remain - Images by David Baird


Bleed From Within - Images by David Baird


Noah & The Whale gig review!

Noah & The Whale played a sold out show at Rock City last night just a matter of months after packing out our Sister venue Rescue Rooms. This explosion in popularity comes as no surprise, seeing as back in 2008, when they released their debut album 'Peaceful, the world lays me down' it went Gold and peaked at 5 in the UK charts. This, coupled with the re-release of the single '5 years time' managing to reach 7 in the singles chart, certainly had me expecting them to ascertain this level of popularity much sooner. They didn't, which has worked great for them, they bided their time and here they are 2 albums later a better band, a more mature band and with a more eclectic audience who have all had the time to discover them by themselves.

The more accomplished sound they managed to achieve on their latest album 'Last Night On Earth' echoed in their set; even when playing their older songs; I believe on purpose, as the set was perfectly crafted, carefully coupling their beautiful melancholy slow tempo songs with their crowd pleasing up tempo faster songs. 'L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N' being the most notable fan favourite which incited an absolutely overwhelming sing a long which seemed to be coming every single member of the audience.

Photography by David Baird, to buy prints of this gig, or any of his work, please visit his website Here

Noah and The Whale - Images by David Baird

The Feeling gig review!

The Feeling graced Rock City's Main Stage last night to some very eagerly awaiting fans, from the off, the eclectic mix of people were singing along and dancing together and it just goes to show how successful these guys are and how having universal appeal can work in your favour.

Before bursting onto the stage a video was projected that displayed a heartfelt thanks towards all their fans and then went on to show clips of home made video's of fans singing along to their favourite songs.

The entire band looked like they enjoyed the gig with big smiles on their faces while they were playing, especially frontman Dan gillespie Sells (see photos!) When the music stopped Dan got involved with some crowd participation, inciting acapella sing-a-longs with the crowd and claps.

It was a great pop show filled with good positive energy and a great atmosphere.

Photography by Shaun Wootton


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The Wombats gig review!

The Wombats played a sold out show at Rock City last Thursday evening, even now, four years on from the released of 'A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation' they still have managed to retain a predominately youthful fanbase. Already The Wombats have outlasted the shelf-life of most bands now-a-days and it is clear by the screams coming from the fans they will be around for a little while longer yet.

Their newest album 'This Modern Glitch' has infused some electronic elements but they still manage to retain their indie pop sound that first landed them in charts with early hits like 'Kill The Director' and 'Moving to New York'.

Songs of the new album are really well received, especially the upcoming single 'Our Perfect Disease' and initial single and chart hit 'Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)' but of course they finish their set with quite possibly the most well received song of the evening and their highest peaking single 'Let's Dance To Joy Division'

Photography by Shaun Wootton

The following slideshow contains the images taken at The Wombats gig by Rock City's resident Photographer David Baird. To buy prints of his images (of this gig or any other) please visit his website HERE

The Wombats - Rock City - Images by David Baird