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Twice as mighty

The gig schedule maybe looking a little light this week but the 2 shows that we do have will make up for that. Not only do we have some bands that have shared the stages with huge acts but in the basement we have the daughter of Iron Maiden bassist and founder Steve Harris, Lauren Harris. Not only can she sing but she is smoking hot too!
Tonight in the basement we have 16 young lads hitting the stage and doing what they do best, divide them into groups and you have 4 bands playing some kick ass music.
Formed in July 2008 in Derby with a sound reminiscent of early U2 and have quickly established themselves at the forefront of the East Midlands music scene with a maturity in sound beyond their years.
The melodies are simple and beautiful; the songs rock while remaining delicate and intricate. They are fresh-sounding and timeless; and most importantly, all come packed with hooks that could land a shark. Taking inspiration from a number of influences, spanning various genres, the band creates a unique twist on a modern sound; made-to-fit on any radio station.
Lower Than Atlantis are a Watford, UK based band, started in 2007. They have since released their debut CD ‘Bretton’ via Thirty Days Of Night Records. Their full length, titled ‘Far Q’ was released in March last year. In April 2011, their 2nd full length “World Record” was released via Wolf At Your Door Records.
Futures are an alternative rock band who formed in 2009. They are based in London, UK. Futures released their debut mini-album “The Holiday” on March 3rd 2010 and gave away for free with that's month edition of Rock Sound Magazine. There is now an estimated 20,000 copies around the world contributing to the largest sale of a Rock Sound Magazine issue ever. The band’s debut mini album plus bonus acoustic tracks is available on ITUNES



Saturday as part of the Hey Hey Hey club night we have Six Hour Sundown. Not only to they have the daughter of a metal legand in the band but they are talented musicians too! They are hard, edgy, morern rock riffs driven by a solid rhythm section and topped off by a vocalist mixes comtemporary melody lines with stong heartfelt vocals.

Never fear, Rock City is here...


Never fear, Rock City’s gig calendar may look a little quiet over the summer period but rest assured

we’ve been beavering away ensuring we bring the best bands in the world back to Nottingham when the gig season starts in the Autumn.

Gary Numan, The Wombats, Friendly Fires, Katy B, Kids In Glass Houses, The Darkness, Example

are just a handful of the many acts set to grace the Rock City Main Stage later this the year.

The summer is not completely empty, we still have plenty of up & coming & established acts booked

in for June & July – checkout our gig guide for full line ups & ticket info.


One show we can’t wait for is ANVIL; the forefathers of heavy metal visit Nottingham on June 25th. If

you haven’t seen “Anvil! The Story of Anvil!” yet watch it NOW!


Then come on down on Saturday 25th & meet Lips & co in person at their dj set after the show!





Hey Hey Hey

Hello ,Wasup , Wagwan , Bonjour. So it has been another pretty hectic week for team Hey Hey Hey.

All sorts of things have been happening following on from last Saturday which was absolutely stomping! We had ‘The Legion of Doom’ and ‘OBN’ playing in the basement as part of Hey Hey Hey. The night turned out to be a barrel of laughs with the boys (Rob and Judas, main hall DJ’s and members of the 2 bands respectively) then having to DJ after their big performances in the basement.

This week we have been working on some exciting new promo treats for all you lucky people, giving you a sneaky inside peak into the world of team Hey Hey Hey. Soon we’re going to be uploading photos of all your favourite bands back stage here at Rock City and we’re going to start videoing all of you sexy Hey Hey Hey’ers every now and again. Get involved on our like page and follow our <a href="/http//">tumblr</a href> if you want to delve into the world of the infamous Hey Hey Hey.

Bye, Laters, Au Revoir, Peace Out A Town Down. Love Hey Hey Hey.

Love Shack!!

So we’ve had a great five weeks of Circus Shack, with lots of amazing acts, like stilt walkers, fire breathers, jugglers, acrobatics and a snake woman! But we are looking forward to showing you what we have installed for the final weeks of Circus Shack, and hope you can all come down to enjoy the awesome circus atmosphere, for this Friday we have Trapeze acts in the main room, along with dance acts and yet more FIRE!

But there’s more!

Continuing to better ourselves on Friday nights, we are hosting a massive, one off foam party to launch our Summer Shack Theme on the 24th June, we have the foam cannons ordered and the strobe lights turned on, for this momentous occasion, we want you all to be raving the night away!


Hey all!

Its Tuned tomorrow, We’re getting ready for all you Nottingham Trent University students, to be entering our doors on force at 10pm to celebrate the end of the educational year! So aim to miss the queues and turn up early ;)

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!