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  • Saturday 18th February 2017
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Free Spirit plays timeless rock with a huge sound. The band reaches out to listeners of all ages with its captivating melodies. This music seems to really enchant its audience and has a strong crossover appeal on it. Massive choruses, killer arrangements and energetic stage appearance are the brand of Free Spirit.

The band's debut album 'Pale Sister of Light' impressed music media and fans of melodic rock all around the world, and was chosen as the album of the year by several international magazines and web sites. Free Spirit also reached a new audience when the first album was released for Rock Band 2 and 3 console games, from where the band was discovered by leagues of players who are passionate in guitar driven rock.

The eagerly anticipated follow-up to 'Pale Sister of Light' was released at the end of February 2014. With this new album 'All the Shades of Darkened Light' the band continues from where it left with its critically acclaimed debut album. The 11 new songs with huge choruses are even more melodic and energetic than before.

'All the Shades of Darkened Light' like it's predecessor, is not quite a concept album, but there is a story running throughout it. The songs on the album are like scenes from a play about a summer where days are bright and nights are hot. High octane parties seem to go on forever, until the price they carry becomes too high.

The first single from the new album, 'Living Tattoo', was released mid October 2013. The second single release from the album was 'Hysteria'. This song was also featured on the soundtrack of a Finnish werewolf-themed motion picture. Free Spirit's vocalist Sami Alho plays one of the main roles in the movie. The music video, based on the movie, is available at Free Spirit’s YouTube Channel

Free Spirit produces their own music from start to finish. The new album, like the debut album, was recorded in the band's own studio facility, which has allowed for uncompromising meticulousness in its production. Creating the right soundscapes has included feats such as building custom guitars and acquiring a very certain kind of vintage synthesizer, which was ultimately found from the confines of a studio in Cologne.

The songs are mostly written by Sami and Vesa, but all the band members play a crucial role in the sound that is Free Spirit. The one element that gets special attention during the writing and production of the songs is vocal melodies. The band's unique approach to multi-layered backing vocals completes the melodies and makes the Free Spirit sound. Free Spirit enjoys the freedom in their music making, and
wishes to convey that to the listener with the utmost clarity.

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