The Rock City archives: 2011

Eddie Spaghetti, Rock City Basement

  • Sunday 31st July 2011
  • Supported by: Joe Slater

Everybody’s got that pal they turn to whenever they need a party, and for a long time Eddie Spaghetti, Supersucker Soul Brother Number One, has been that guy. Revelling in the center stage spotlight and the wallop of thousands of PAs for thousands of shows across the land, Eddie’s learned how to coax the inner life of the party out of all of us. And Sundowner, Eddie’s third solo album and first for his longtime fans at Bloodshot Records, unapologetically wears the love of the good times on its greasy flannel sleeve.

Eddie Spaghetti has been the ringleader of the Supersuckers since 1988.

But with the band’s creation of their own conglomerate (Mid Fi Recordings) in 2002, Spaghetti found the time for a tidy, good-timin’ solo career. His album 'Sauce' was released in 2004; it featured covers of outlaw country favorites from Kristofferson and Cash as well as a few Spaghetti originals.

By 2005 Spaghetti had found enough time and written enough songs for another solo album called 'Old No2'

In 2010 he signed with Bloodshot records and released his third solo album called 'Sundowner' in early 2011.