The Rock City archives: 2011

Zebrahead, Rescue Rooms

  • Friday 2nd December 2011
  • Supported by: Army of Freshmen

Zebrahead are an American Rock/Punk band from Orange County, California.

When they started out as a band around 1996-98 they were unispired by the local trends in punk that leant towards Ska-Punk. So instead they infused elements oh hip hop into their music. Their musical style merges pop punk with alt rock elements and hip hop/rap vocals (often dubbed 'rapcore')

'Get Nice' was the 9th studio album to be released by the band in late July 2011, and was the first to feature original material since 2008 album 'Phoenix' as Zebrahead's 2009 album 'Panty Raid' is a cover album comprised entirely of female pop songs.

Check out their myspace Here