The Rock City archives: 2013

Reel Big Fish, Rock City Main Hall

  • Sunday 3rd March 2013
  • Supported by: Suburban Legends, Magnus Puto

Reel Big Fish are coming to Nottingham. Bringing with them their special style of Ska Punk and are going to tear the roof off in a blaze of glory, horns, trumpets and kick ass guitars.

Hailing from California, reel Big Fish's popularity was getting ever bigger in the mid nineties through word of mouth in the ska scene, their 1997 hit 'sell out' launched into the mainstream and got them signed to a major label. Over the years the band have accrued a large and loyal fan base, that has stuck with them through line-up changes (Aaron Barrett - singer and songwriter is the only original member left in the band), through the ups and downs of major label success - they are now working independently at the indie record label - Rock Ridge Music.

They still tour relentlessly doing over 250 shows a year and have released 8 studio albums, the most recent being 'Candy Coated Fury' released in July 2012.

Website - Reel Big Fish

Facebook - Reel Big Fish

Have a listen to 'I Know You Too Well To Like You Anymore' below...