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All Shall Perish, Rock City Basement

  • Monday 2nd July 2012
  • Supported by: Dyscarnate, DAOR

All Shall Perish is an American deathcore band from Oakland, California, formed in 2002. Currently, the band is signed to Nuclear Blast and have released four full-length albums through the label. Their latest record, This Is Where It Ends was released in July 2011.

All Shall Perish keep rapidly growing in popularity and their huge musical growth over a relatively short amount of time, coupled with the fact that people like Kirk Hammett (METALLICA) and Rob Flynn (MACHINE HEAD) sight the band as one of their favorites, it’s only a matter a time before ALL SHALL PERISH starts to fill bigger and bigger venues.

Formed with the intent of not being labeled with the restricting monikers of "death metal", "hardcore" or "metalcore," ALL SHALL PERISH blasted onto the bay area scene in 2002 playing every kind of show imaginable. After recording a self-titled 3 song demo, the Japanese label Amputated Vein Records released their first full-length album Hate.Malice.Revenge. (2003). After a ton of underground D.I.Y. touring, the band signed a world wide deal with Nuclear Blast records in December of 2004. Nuclear Blast rereleased Hate.Malice.Revenge. in early ‘05 and ALL SHALL PERISH spent the rest of 2005 touring and writing their second record.

Their newest album This Is Where It Ends captures the unbridled energy of their live shows more effectively than ever. Without a doubt, the future of metal has arrived and if you aren’t paying attention you might get left by the wayside.

Check out their website - All Shall Perish

and their facebook - All Shall Perish