The Rock City archives: 2012

Tonight Alive, Rock City Basement

  • Monday 8th October 2012
  • Supported by: LostAlone, Blitz Kids

Tonight Alive will be playing with LostAlone and Blitz Kids in the Rock City Basement this October.

It's an unlikely tale. Rising from the fevered hotbed of Sydney, Australia's underground hardcore scene, boy meets girl. Or rather, two boys meet girl to make kick-ass rock music. Try to keep up - the story goes something like this...

Guitarist Whakaio Taahi and his compadre bass player, Cameron Adler, needed a frontman for a rock project. Scrap that. Frontwoman. Enter ingenue-with-attitude, Jenna McDougall - as soon as the sixteen-year-old songstress' soaring contralto and sweet strains took the mic to their songs, something clicked. Already onboard, rhythm axeman Jake Hardy and new recruit, drummer Matt Best - a childhood buddy of Whakaio's. One jam later, the writing was on the wall. Tonight Alive were up and running, pedal to the metal.

The band stepped up, and fast. Songs honed, stagecraft already a dead cert, they entered Sydney's subterranean circuit of metalcore and heavy bands, playing their own brand of catchy-as-all-hell pop-punk... and promptly took the scene by storm, developing a rabid young fanbase in thrall to the band's ebullient, fist-pumping anthemery, arena-sized hooks and high-voltage live performances. Right from word-go, it was clear Tonight Alive were going somewhere.

A year on, courted by labels and management secured, with two stellar EPs ('All Shapes & Disguises' and 'Consider This') under their belts, a demo of Tonight Alive's new material landed on producer-extraordinaire Mark Trombino's (Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, The Starting Line) desk. He rang the band immediately, wanting in.

"What Are You So Scared Of? is their mission statement, if you like - we're moving forward, dissolving old barriers or blocks."

She's no blonde bombshell, that's for sure, but Jenna and her band may very well be the bomb: Tonight Alive are gonna blow up big-time. Prepare yourself, people. Tonight Alive are here, and they're on fire.

The brilliant Sydney 5 piece TONIGHT ALIVE, can now reveal that their debut album, ‘What Are You Scared Of?’ will be released at the start of October 2012 through Search and Destroy/Sony Records. The band will also be giving away a free download of the first single. ‘Breaking and Entering’, on July 9th via the bands Facebook page.

The promo video for the track can also be seen here Produced by Mark Trombino and featuring Mark Hoppus from Blink 182, this debut album follows on from the bands much acclaimed debut UK EP, ‘Consider This’, which was released in March 2012 through Banquet records. The band can also announce a full UK and European headline tour, their very first, around the release in October. Full lists of the UK dates are below, with support coming from Lostalone and Blitz Kids.

facebook - Tonight Alive

website - Tonight Alive