The Rock City archives: 2012

Spear Of Destiny, Rock City Basement

  • Saturday 1st December 2012

The British rock band, formed back in 1983 play a form of punk influenced power rock with an anthemic feel. Spear of destiny were formed by singer and songwriter Kirk Brandon, who is the only remaining original member.

The Current line up consists of Kirk Brandon, Craig adams, Mike Kelly & Adrian Portas.

In 1985, their album, World Service reached the UK Top 20. Founder member Stan Stammers left in 1986. In the wake of the release of the fourth album, Outland (1987) and its Top 15 hit "Never Take Me Alive", the band began achieving some chart success and staging sell-out concerts, including a support slot to U2 at Wembley Stadium.

They have released 12 studio albums the most recent of which is 2010's 'Omega Point'.