The Rock City archives: 2012

Gary Numan 'Dead Moon Falling' Tour, Rock City Main Hall

  • Saturday 8th December 2012

Gary Numan will be playing on Rock City's Main Stage again this December as part of the new 'Dead Moon Falling' Tour.

The show will feature some brand new songs from the forthcoming 'Splinter' album (due for release in 2013), plus new versions of tracks from 2011's 'Dead Son Rising' album, which are currently being worked on by the likes of Alec Empire, The Duke Spirit, Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails), Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) and Gazelle Twin. Officers are once again supporting, as they are releasing a new single with Numan in the run up to the tour. This collaboration, 'Petals' is scheduled for a full release in November.

'There are still people trying to work out what a genius Gary Numan is.' Prince

'I was always impressed by the way Gary found his own voice - and it was unusual - but it was unmistakenly him and boldly him. I see me doing what I learned from him.' Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails

'I was listening to Gary Numan and I ended up becoming more polished as a designer. I started to design my tracks.' Kanye West

'Numan proves that music has always been really inventive for the masses.' Lady Gaga

REVIEWS FOR 'DEAD SON RISING' (Released October 2011)

'Its diversity is its strength. Brilliant!' 4/5 Mojo

'One of the great conceptual dystopian rock albums of all time.' 5/5 Artrocker

'Synth-pop pioneer's guitar crunch album is a cracker.' 4/5 Classic Rock

'Experimental and classic Numan.' 4/5 Record Collector

As the NME argues, ‘Numan’s influence on electronic music is unparalleled.’
He’s been name-checked as an influence by everyone from Kanye West to Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age, and an ever-growing list of artists have covered and sampled his music. These range from Basement Jaxx to Damon Albarn; Afrika Bambaataa to RZA and GZA from the Wu-Tang Clan.

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