The Rock City archives: 2013

Lordi, Rock City Main Hall

  • Saturday 11th May 2013
  • Supported by: KALEDON, Hostile

Lordi are a Finnish hard rock/heavy metal band renowned for wearing monster outfits and using pyrotechnics in their live shows. Their breakthrough single was 2002s 'Would You Love a Monsterman?' and then in 2006 they shocked the world by being the first Finnish act to win the Eurovision song contest.

2013 sees Lordi embark on a spring tour with their two newest members Mana and Hella - as well as the release of their 7th studio album 'To Beast Or Not To Beast'. This tour has Lordi stopping off right here at Rock City. The immense power, commitment & showmanship, as well as the sheer epicness and impressiveness that comes with Lordi's live shows, make this a gig you will not want to miss.

Mr. Lordi (vocals) is known by the people of Earth through the many roles he has taken in the past, but his real identity is not known. Mr. Lordi is a descendant of the 900’s century Southern demons and Northern trolls. He has several powers he acquired from demons together with supernatural powers and stamina derived from the trolls. He grew up under protection of a Lappland’s owl and three reindeers. Mr. Lordi seems to use an ax as his principal weapon but his greatest power lies on his body and soul, not on his weapon.

Amen (guitar) - by the real name Amen-Ra, also known as The Ancient Assassin, The Unstoppable Avenger and The Living Dead, was born in Karnath, Egypt. He was a ruler of the sixth dynasty of Egypt and an assassin who had several wives and many children. He rose to power in 2184 before our time and was killed by rebellious subordinates after having failed one of his own attempts of assassination. He got two deep cuts in his face which destroyed his look and made him reveal his teeth forever.

Ox (bass) - The Hellbull, known also as The Bulltaurus, The Hornhead or Operation 10 aka O.X. was born on an island of Crete. He was a bulltaurus – half a man, half an ox - thousand years before our time. They used to be massive, frightening and savage soldiers and were not many in ancient Greece. Ox used to serve a magician called Androlus as a life guard.

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