The Rock City archives: 2013

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus , Rock City Basement

  • Monday 25th March 2013
  • Supported by: Tantrum To The Blind, Rat Attack

Signaling their departure from Virgin the band released a self recorded EP produced by frontman Ronnie Winter that received great applause from old RJA fans and new alike. The band returned to their signature sound and style with no restrains crossing religious and sonic boundaries at will seamlessly integrating the fans to their new collective vision. Things were starting to look up again for the RjA.


The band paired with the collective sounds to record and release their 3rd full length album Am I the Enemy which reached number 6 on the Independant charts and left most fans amply satisfied with the new spiritual and sonic direction. Josh Burke was added on Lead guitar and Ronnie's brother Randy took the helm on rhythm to properly recreate the guitars recorded with producer John Feldmann.

Josh Burke (lead guitar) met the band at a show in his hometown, Syracuse, NY when he was 16 years old, as just a fan. Ronnie needed a ride to the nearest guitar center to get some gear, so Josh and his father gave him a lift. It was here where Josh was able to show Ronnie just what he could do. The two decided to keep in contact. After keeping in touch and writing songs with Ronnie over the next year, Josh, now 17, was offered his first gig with RJA after the departure of Duke Kitchens and Matt Carter at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI with only three days to fly to Florida and rehearse. The show went great and Josh has been a member ever since.The band also decided to keep Ronnie(Ronnie has always written the drum tracks) as the studio drummer when Jon Wilkes left and decided to use touring drummers to keep things fresh and exciting in the drums department. The new line up has remained ever since. With direct Biblical references in both singles "Reap" and "Am I the Enemy" the band has begun their new journey and they ask....."Will you Join Us?"