The Rock City archives: 2013

The Inside Is Live , Rock City Basement

  • Sunday 17th February 2013
  • Supported by: GO-X, Micro Jupiter, The Waves Above Us


The Inside Is Live are an Alternative Rock 5 piece from Nottingham, Midlands UK.

Tristan Hill (Drums), Callum Benson (Guitar) and Will Oldham (Guitar) first formed a band under the name ‘Three Last Words’ in late 2006. In August 2008, the band changed name to ‘The Wicked End’, with the addition of Bradley Dear on vocals, and Elliot Checkley on bass guitar.

The band became ‘The Inside Is Live’ in November 2009, shortly after releasing ‘Mistake’ (EP). In 2010, The Inside Is Live supported Elliot Minor at Nottingham Rock City on their ‘Solaris’ tour thanks to great support they received over an online competition, won several battle of the bands awards across the East Midlands, and performed at first ever Headstock Festival 2010 (Filmed by the BBC).

In July 2011, the band parted ways with vocalist Bradley Dear, and was replaced by vocalist Alex Connor. Since the arrival of Alex, the band has been performing all across the Midlands, including venues such as Nottingham Rock City and Sheffield Corporation, gaining many followers along the way.

“Talented, friendly and not afraid to give it all they’ve got. Sounding a little like Atreyu & Aiden had a love child, the vocals were clean, and strong. With a good sense of humour, they know how to get the crowd involved with their music and they are more than happy to get involved with the fans, and keen to get into photo’s. They are most definitely a band to keep an eye on.” – (Scorpio Reviews, reviewing The Inside Is Live at the Maze, Nottingham on the 16th February 2012).

"The Inside Is Live's lyrics seeming to be an introspective look at personal feelings but with an overall uplifting feel, positivity through adversity. The Inside Is Live show off their strong points by combining melodic guitars and vocals throughout their set." - (Alternative Voice Reviews, Sheffield Corporation on the 25th february 2012)

In March 2012, the band entered the studio with Phil Gornell (Sound Engineer/Tour Manager, Bring Me The Horizon) to record a debut EP, and are currently adding the final touches for this release.

On the 12th January 2013, The Inside Is Live announced their new lineup with Michael Denby as Vocalist.