The Rock City archives: 2011

Sack Sabbath & Metallica UK, Live at Rock City, Nottingham: The Basement

  • Saturday 28th May 2011

Sack Sabbath & Metallica UK

Sack Sabbath & Metallica U perform live at Rock City, The Basement, Nottingham

Sack Sabbath was formed in December 2002 by guitarist Tony IOU, better known as Sacko. Initially the band played a mix of Ozzy and Dio material but with the arrival of the brilliant Ozzy Oddbin in May 2005 the band decided to concentrate purely on the 'classic' era from 1970-1975.

Sack Sabbath is now firmly established as the UK's leading and most authentic tribute to Black Sabbath, faithfully recreating the experience of a Black Sabbath concert with a set list crammed with all the best doom laden anthems from the fathers of heavy metal. Metallica UK are the UK's most authentic Metallica tribute band in the UK. They have performed all over the UK at Festivals and also at smaller venues to enthusiastic crowds who love to hear them replicate the sounds of the band. With Metallica being one of the biggest rock bands and with a huge following Metallica UK pay respect to their leaders by always putting on a storming show that pays respect and tribute to the great band. If you like your rock music and want to have a fantastic night then look no further than Metallica UK.