The Rock City archives: 2013

Kat Men, Rock City Basement

  • Thursday 9th May 2013
  • Supported by: JOHN LEWIS

The Kat Men started life back in 07 when Stray Cat drumming legend, Slim Jim Phantom & UK Rockabilly guitarist, Darrel Higham, met at a jam session at The Oneida Casino, Wisconsin, in the good ‘ol US of A during a week-long Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival. A fiendish plan was formed to start a touring band for Europe and the next year saw the two record their first CD – entitled simply ‘Kat Men’. Produced and recorded by Gilby Clarke in Los Angeles, this smokin’ 12 track Rockabilly powerhouse added to a set that fairly shook up the audiences that would flock in their droves as the Kat Men deftly bopped from one European city to another as their following grew. Much of 08/09 was spent performing long tours of Europe & Australia before Higham left to pursue the role of lead guitarist for his wife, Imelda May while Jim toured the world with a highly successful reunion of the Stray Cats & continued playing drums with another project, Headcat, featuring that Titan of Rawk, Motorhead’s Lemmy. In late 2011, the lure of the Kat Men could no longer be contained and Jim & Darrel were re- united to record another CD, and from there a record contract with Decca Records followed. 14 tracks running the full gamut of Roots music; Rockabilly boppers, strollers, Hep Cat rhythms, Country shufflers, Blues ballads & laid-back groovers make this the essential ‘Beat for the Feet’ release of 2013! The Kat Men Cometh… Along with ace bassist, Al Gare (Mike Sanchez, Imelda May) Jim & Darrel will be performing their unique & highly contagious blend of modern Bop