The Rock City archives: 2013

Purson, Rock City Basement

  • Saturday 18th May 2013
  • Supported by: Esme

Confirmed in the Basement as part of HEY HEY HEY

Named after a demon and fronted by the bewitching Rosalie Cunningham, Purson is the latest psychedelic proto-doom band with a mesmerizing female vocalist to cast a spell over everyone who hears them.

With elements of ’70s progressive and heavy rock, Purson is in league with Blood Ceremony and Jex Thoth, conjuring visions of Hammer horror and pagan rituals. What sets them apart are the incredibly catchy pop-like

arrangements inspired by bassist Ed Turner and Cunningham‘s borderline obsessive love of The Beatles. It only took a couple of songs on Soundcloud / Facebook to capture the attention of illustrious Rise Above Records (a 7″ and a full-length are in the works) and Darkthrone’s Fenriz, one of metal’s favorite arbiters of taste, made them band of the week!