The Rock City archives: 2014

Hey Hey Hey - Extreme Element Giveaway, Rock City

  • Saturday 22nd February 2014

This week we thought we would throw in some treats for you all (because we can) From our lovely friends at TWO SEASONS and ELEMENT!

It's a free guest list as normal before 11pm so you need to get your names on the wall!

We will have some serious prime time giveaway goodies for you lot with a special Element stall in Rock City selling some stuff at mad discount prices!

Come down and get involved!

Hey Hey Hey, Viva la Revolution! Get Involved and Take over Rock City With us!

Main hall - Alternative Anthems

Basement - Metal,hxc,punk,Pop Punk

Black Cherry Lounge- Guilty Pleasures ;)


Join the Hey Hey Hey gang and experience the best Saturday night out you will find and the best club night that Rock City has to offer!