The Rock City archives: 2014

Clean Bandit, Play Rock City Main Hall

  • Tuesday 21st October 2014


Clean Bandit at coming to Rock City this October! As you are now doubt aware, they are a British electronic group, founded in Cambridge, England, 2009.Their 2013 single "Mozart's House", released on Black Butter Records, reached number 17 on the UK Singles Chart. In January 2014 they scored their first UK Singles Chart-topping single with "Rather Be", featuring elements of classical music, along with a dance music beat. "Rather Be" remained at the top of the chart for four weeks.

Clean Bandit's music has been described as 'fusion' music, mixing electronic music with classical and deep-house elements. They produce the music themselves and invite guest artists to sing their songs. Discovered by producer Wayne Dean. They write their own music.