The Rock City archives: 2014

Electric Mary, Rock City (Basement)

  • Saturday 8th November 2014
  • Supported by: Broken Chords, SKAM


One of Australia's finest Rock Bands are coming to play at Rock City!

Fresh from opening for no other than Alice Cooper, these guys are getting bigger by the day.

Electric Mary (formed after Rusty’s encounter with Studio Manager Mary Campbell and a visit to Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios) are a five piece rock band hailing out of Melbourne, Australia. Fronted by the smokey vocals of Rusty Brown, other members are: Irwin Thomas, Pete Robinson, Alex Raunjak and Venom on drums.

Often described as classic rock, Electric Mary cites inspirations from a number of bands and musicians from Deep Purple to David Bowie their sound encompassing a combination of rich guitar riffs, bass and drums.

In 2004 Electric Mary released their debut CD titled Four Hands spawning popular tracks such as Busted, Crashdown (On Your Head) and Slave. Their latest EP, The Definition of Insanity (2006) also includes - Let Me Out, Luv Me and One Foot In The Grave. Rusty has kept with the theme of Spreading the Electric Luv, occasionally distributing Demo(rama) CDs (between releases) that have included some of the aforementioned tracks.

Electric Mary often play the home circuit, garnering a growing fan base both locally and internationally. The band was formed in 2003.