The Rock City archives: 2015

Kyshera, Rock City Basement (As Part Of Stick Tight)

  • Thursday 23rd April 2015
  • Supported by: Broken Chords, Gooding



Defining some bands is hard. Defining Kyshera is impossible. "Yet for once, a band who's declaration that they're revolutionary innovators might just be right!", agree's Classic Rock Magazine. Instead of trying to squeeze into an existing musical scene, Kyshera simply invented their own. A scene with no limits and no rules. So they invented the term 'Konic' to mean 'Anything which is otherwise indefinable and defies categorisation' and that is how you define this band.

With "Complex compositions & schizophrenic riffing" (Rock Sound) to "incendiary adrenaline fuelled stadia straddling epicness" (VPMExpress), Kyshera prove that intelligent, alternative music doesn't have to be unmelodic or elitist. On a Kyshera album, you will hear the influence of Frank Zappa with Soundgarden, Aphex Twin with Jeff Buckley or Mars Volta with Rage against the Machine and at a Kyshera live show you will witness a relentless barrage of energy; honed from the hundreds of stages the band has graced on both sides of the Atlantic.

The bands' "flawless set of intense music" (Cashbox Magazine, Canada) and non-stop roller coaster of a live show has made them a notorious favourite on the live scene; a band that is "NOT to be missed" (UP Magazine, The Netherlands).

Kyshera's 'Konic' ethos also extends to a broader lifestyle that the band promote, where the alternative to the mainstream, in all forms (art, information, fashion etc) is celebrated and Kyshera encourage their fans, known as 'iKons', to be unique to themselves & to challenge established norms. Kyshera think that words are important too. Whilst lyrics have become neglected in modern Rock, a Kyshera song can take you on a lyrical whirlwind of important, current issues involving Politics, Religion and Society etc. all delivered with their trademark tunefulness & alternative rhythmic assault - a mix that led BBC Radio 1 to declare the band "Warped Genius!".

Kyshera are a unique force in modern Rock, always unpredictable, always innovative, always exciting and never anything other than themselves. The response to manufactured, shallow, style over content blandness has arrived.

This is a Movement. Join the Resistance.