The Rock City archives: 2015

Stags, Rock City Basement (As Part Of Stick Tight)

  • Thursday 4th June 2015

Unlike many bands, Stags have the appeal of being a multinational collective, with their main vocalist Christopher Finney from Manchester, lead guitarist Alessio Pesaresi from sun swept Italy, bassist Oisìn Walsh from Denmark and drummer George Vallack from Brighton. Stags describe their sound as “Psychedelic / Grunge” influenced by the late 1960’s early 1970′s Rock and Roll legends including the Rolling Stones, The Doors, Led Zeppelin and 1990’s stars such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Brian Jonestown Massacre. It is effortless to hear the creativity spawned by their counterculture movement and the legacy of the trailblazing bands that provide their inspiration. “They stand alone in their unique and distinctive approach to songwriting” – 5/5 AAA Music.

Their first single ‘Stealing My Heart / Love Will Delay’ released in late 2013 gained an array of accolades – including XFM describing them as ‘great’, national support from Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio, and from publications such as The Independent praising them as “one of the best emerging bands of theyear.”

The band has just released a follow up new single and b-side entitled ‘Just Like You’.