The Rock City archives: 2015

LTNT, Rock City Basement (As Part Of Hey Hey Hey)

  • Saturday 11th April 2015

Kerrang! “Therapy! fans get on this!”

Kerrang! "Laying on the fuzz, you'd have a hard time cleaning up their dirty riffs with a lifetime's supply of domestos, but when they're as exciting as those on Body Blood and Great Entertainment, why would you want to? Mmm, nasty."

Big Cheese “The first thing that hits you when you listen to this EP, on opener and single 'Body Bloody' is just how massive the guitars sound. Like Faith No More meets Biffy Clyro. They should be huge”

Metalhammer “A wayward musical path between grunge, alt. rock and blues!”

BBC Reading + Leeds "The Best of the Festival Republic stage 2014"

Music Week "You don't simply 'rock up' to a LTNT show and watch them play, it's a high-adrenaline experience and after you've lived through it, you and everyone around you are left wondering 'what the fuck just happened?! So don't miss them live!" 

Classic Rock "And now for some alt.rock in the form of grungey London's LTNT. ITBOYM gradually swells through pensive dynamics, melancholic refrains, a soaring climax and finally a head-spinning blast of beautifully filthy yet heartfelt buzz."

Sunday Sport "London's LTNT play raucous hard rock in the vein of Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro and, judging by their recent debut EP, it won't be long before the trio will be playing their blistering sets to arenas themselves."

Noise Cannon “would rock the socks off Dave Grohl” “definitely the perfect soundtrack to release the tension people…” "Straight in with their signature sound, those who had just arrived had no chance to warm up and were hit with a face full of thunderous drums, heavy riff & raw vocals that made you forget you have work tomorrow. The large, but initially awkward crowd who had turned up for some desert style stoner rock didn’t appear to know what to do with themselves after the first song, remaining quiet and possibly slightly confused for a few minutes. But people kept coming in from the bar, intrigued by what they heard next door, and by the third track LTNT had a good rocking crowd up front and throughout complete with a decent level of applause and a few wolf-whistles to boot. I was promised an impressive live show from LTNT, and they didn’t fail to deliver. With a debut EP launched in April this year entitled DAO through Dust Devil Sounds, LTNT are one to keep an eye on."

Metalmouth: "Psychedelic and heavy-as-balls, their take on alt-rock is glorious and an excellent fit for the evening. A particular delight is their drummer whose lightning snare rolls and mercurial dexterity is a wonder to behold, though audience attention is split between him and their tousled frontman. Objectively Gonga’s delightful weave of passages and textures ticked all my boxes but LTNT’s electricity is much more on-point with the crowd as the energy grows for Brant Bjork’s eventual ascension." "Their guitar riffs at times reminded of something Tony Iommi would play and were combined with vocals that reminded a bit of newcomer bands like Blackwolf and Leogun as well as classics like The Doors, with the singer even looking a bit like Jim Morrison. But don’t be fooled into thinking LTNT would be like any other newcomer band because they did manage to surprise with a song that sounded a bit more experimental, like something Frank Zappa might come up with."