The Rock City archives: 2015

We Are Tyrants + The Five Hundred + An Empire Will Fall + Take Her To Athena + Stop Hitting Yourself, Rock City Basement

  • Saturday 11th July 2015


We Are Tyrants are a Nottingham metal band, Blending aggressive and fast styles with a refined melodic edge, for fans of Black Dahlia Murder, Trivium, Sylosis, As I Lay Dying...



Formerly known as DAOR, The Five Hundred are a five-man musical wrecking machine dedicated to pulverising eardrums and rattling bones across the metal landscape. Dealing in an array of down-tuned riffs and barbed hooks, the UK/Gibraltarian quintet unleash an avalanche of crushing groove and belligerent aggression, broken up by some searing leads, haunting vocal melodies and devastating, earth-shaking breakdowns.

Delivering a potent soundtrack to urban warfare and social discontent, the band have shared stages with groups ranging from brutal grind-fathers Napalm Death and industrial pioneers Fear Factory through to progressive death metallers All Shall Perish and metal media darlings Tesseract. The recent switch to 8 string guitars has given the five-piece new found power and enabled them to stretch their technical abilities to new heights.



- Founded September 2012 as Double Anarchy - First show as Double Anarchy October 2012 - Changed name to An Empire Will Fall 31st March 2013 - New guitarist and vocalist in October 2013 -

Released our first single 'Your Demise' 8th November 2013 - First show with current lineup 4th December 2013 -

Supported Black Tongue (WOW) 12th May 2014

WE HAVE SUPPORTED: Black Tongue, Acrania, Martyr Defiled, Bleed From Within.



Take Her To Athena are a five piece Metalcore band based in Derby, UK, Influenced by bands such as August Burns Red and Texas In July. They bring their own brand of Metalcore to the table, from head banging, groovy breakdowns, fast technical guitars, intricate riffs and heart felt vocals.

Take Her To Athena have recently released their latest E.P 'Earth Mover' which is available for download from their bandcamp. New and exciting things are coming in 2015.



Stop Hitting Yourself are a 3-piece tri-vocal hardcore band based in Nottingham. Driving, aggressive and ambitious, S.H.Y are going back to the roots of what makes heavy music exciting. Raucous riffs, irregular time signatures, varied vocals, and an energetic punk ethic should ensure S.H.Y stand out as more than just another run-of-the-mill hardcore band. Each song carries its own identity, whilst maintaining a sound that resonates with the Stop Hitting Yourself ethos. In short, this fresh band will be one to keep a close eye on following the release of the four track demo in August 2014.