The Rock City archives: 2015

Flesh, Rock City Basement

  • Wednesday 30th September 2015

FLESH are a brand new self-acclaimed “Snotpop” quartet from Fallowfield, Manchester. With their sneering combination of Madchester-esque debauchery, earth-quaking riffs, and feel-good Britpop, they could even be dubbed as the UK’s musical answer to the bad-taste trash of John Waters films – and lead guitarist Goz knows how to crack out a solo too.

The four lads gained interest from music industry types after uploading their tripped out, soaking wet VHS debut video for “Dead Lonely”. Their follow up is the cheeky “Vauxhall Casanova”, which is out for free download 22/09/14 complete with a video packed with predatory sleaze and classic Manchester red-brick back-streets.

The band have gone about their business in a totally DIY fashion so far, to the point where they prefer to ‘Match’ with new fans over the FLESH Tinder account rather than market themselves with the help of record labels, you’re mother might not like them, or then again… maybe she will?